Clarity CPA Accounting | About the Firm
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About the Firm

Clarity is a boutique accounting firm with the sole purpose of finding solutions for your business to save
you time and money. We’ll take care of your accounting and finances so that you can focus on your goals. Taking care of your business and its best interest is most important to us.
We deliver clarity, confidence, and inspiration to strive for more. Our culture doesn’t work for everyone; we’re progressive and believe in solutions that save time and money. We develop strong working relationships with our clients to provide ourselves with the luxury of saving time, and money. Let us handle your accounting and finance department, so you can focus on running your business, instead of working for it.

Meet the Team



Anshu graduated from Western University and went on to work for the Ontario Financing Authority for a number of years as a Business Analyst, designing and developing systems to modernize the Province’s Controllership and Banking operations. Anshu’s greatest achievement was the implementation and buy-in from 17 Ministry offices to use several banking applications he developed internally with a team of coders.

While working full-time for the Province, Anshu attended school part-time at both York and Ryerson Universities to study accounting, and eventually went on to work for a national accounting firm where he spent time as an auditor and accountant, specializing in small and medium business audit, advisory and tax.

In his spare time Anshu enjoys stepping out of his comfort zone.